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Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2017-2018 | Vacation Visit

Philippines Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016
beautiful islands in asia

Take a deep look at the below top 10 list of most Beautiful Islands in the world 2018. The Oxford Dictionary provides a drab meaning of the word island– a piece of land surrounded by water. Nevertheless, we understand islands are among the most beautiful places on globe. If heaven exists, it should be an island. It provides a best escape from the hectic life in the 21st century. A best spot of sand where you can rest and revitalize your body and a beautiful surrounding to refresh your mind is exactly what everybody desires on their perfect vacation.

Some islands are though a level or more above all and stick out for their charming beauty. Today we provide our list of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Top 10 List Of World’s Most Beautiful Islands 2017-2018

10. St. Lucia

St. Lucia-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016
beautiful islands in world

St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is popular not just for its golden beaches but also for its fascinating location. It has 2 volcanic mountains that increase 700m from the sea and produce a spectacular surroundings that leaves a mark on the memory. It has natural warm springs where you can recover and little fishing towns where you can check out. The island that stayed mostly pristine is ending up being popular amongst all, from adrenaline addicts to honeymooners. St. Lucia is also not as costly as a few of its surrounding islands.

9. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai-Hawaii Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2017
world’s most beautiful islands 2018

The oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is also considered as the Garden Isle because of its lavish green forest cover. The island also has spectacular waterfalls and a similarly excellent shoreline dotted with beautiful beaches. The blue seas around the island are occupied by unique exotic fish in addition to turtles and reef. Kauai is more relaxed than neighboring islands and has a more rural appearance than resplendent, in fact some areas can just be checked out by foot.

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8. Seychelles

Seychelles-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2018
world’s most beautiful islands 2016

Situated east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a tropical wonderland worth going to. The remote island is nearly pristine with crowd totally free beaches, beautiful reef and bright blue waters. It features white beaches having huge stones and UNESCO secured jungles. The island also has a varied population of vibrant birds and other unique animals consisting of huge tortoises

7. Fiji

Fiji-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2017
beautiful islands in australia

A favorite for numerous Australian travelers, Fiji is an island chain of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific. Its tropical white sand beaches with blue-green waters attract lots of people all over the world who can enjoy their best vacation at one of Fiji’s lots of high-end resorts or hotels. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, diving or surfing the residents will invite you with happy smiles and make your stay one to keep in mind. If the clichéd Caribbean vacation is not for you, make certain to check out Fiji.

6. Maui, Hawaii

Maui-Hawaii Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2018
beautiful islands in usa

Maui belongs to the Hawaiian Islands and has everything, fantastic wildlife, a rich heritage of intriguing culture and customs. You can invest your time unwinding on the great beaches of Maui, take pleasure in a video game with a pal on among its golf courses and remain at among their world class beach resorts. Maui has an intriguing topography that consists of a 10, 000 foot volcano, waterfalls and deep craters and multi-colored beaches. Maui draws in internet users and windsurfers from all over the world. It is also a popular scuba and snorkeling place.

5. Maldives

Maldives-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2018
beautiful islands in india

Located in the Indian Ocean, it is extensively accepted that Maldives has a few of the very best islands in the world. Ravishing white beaches and aquamarine waters offers this location a superb nature. Awesome reef and undersea animals will require you to go diving and web surfers from all over the world come here to ride the blue waves.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali-Indonesia-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016
beautiful islands in Indonesia

Bali is an island province in Indonesia that has enchanting culture and a rich heritage of art, music and dance. The island has high volcanoes covered in lavish green canopy and crystal clear waters. This island brings in all kinds of visitors, from ordinary people holidaying and sunbathing on the beeches to historians checking out the rich customs of the residents to spiritual travelers checking out the charming incense filled Hindu temples.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini-Greece-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016
most beautiful islands in greece

Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea was developed when a volcanic surge damaged a great deal of the settlements on what was when a single island. The island has beautiful white rental properties and blue domed churches that appear to hang off volcanic cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea. The beaches in some locations have black and red sands and are places of splendid sundowns. It is among the most costly and attractive areas in the world.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora-French-Polynesia-Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2017
beautiful islands in europe

The little volcanic island of Bora is more beautiful than exactly what even popular artists might have created. Clear blue-green waters with remarkable marine life will leave you pleading for more in this South Pacific dream. Traveler friendly residents who have a tasty food will renew your taste. Go to sleep to the noise of waves inside cottages that tower above the water on this euphoric place.

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1. Palawan, Philippines

Philippines Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016
beautiful islands in asia

Palawan is an island province located in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful sea water as blue as some gem. Blessed with a big range of special wildlife, both terrestrial and marine this sparsely inhabited area is among the most beautiful put on Earth. Brilliant white beaches, beautiful reef and rich green jungles on the island will invite you and make you want your vacation endlessed.

Everybody likes vacations. But a best getaway to among the most beautiful islands in the world can leave you with memories that will last a life time. These places will require you to stand back and take a look at Mother Nature in all her splendor and understand that even reality can in some cases be more beautiful than your wildest dreams.

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