Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 | Popular Prizes List

World’s Best Awards 2017 | Famous Awards And Prizes 2016 : Awards are the sign of privilege, a certain achievement one has had. These awards are many a times given with certain prizes or rewards. These prizes, medals and rewards are distributed to the best achievers in the fields of sports, science, politics, business, writing, music, art, medical, journalism, service and films. The prizes given might be in different forms, but they are to celebrate and highlight, the achievement of the individuals who have topped their game and they truly deserve it. Below are the List of Famous International Awards.

It is a sense of recognition of the good work done by the individual. The highest degree awards which are popular in category of Science, Arts, Peace is Nobel Prize, which is a big recognition. Whereas the Academy Awards are important among Movies and Films. So below is the list of Top 10 Famous Awards of the World ,such awards which are very famous and for which people work very hard and dedicated themselves to their work. Take a look below of world famous awards.

Top 10 Most Famous Awards in the World

10. Booker Prize

Booker Prize Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
famous awards in the world

The Man Booker Prize is the Britain’s most important literary award which is very prestigious. This award is given every year to one of the best author who has published an outstanding novel, in the past 12 months. It is a big deal for authors to achieve this award and recognition.


It is considered to be a great honor to even be shortlisted for Man Booker Prize. This award was established in 1969 and presented through Man Group, that is an Alternative Investment Management industry group and was founded in 1783 by James Man. It carries a significant international importance with a cash prize of about 20,000 Euros. This award is mainly conferred to authors for English original novels, published in the United Kingdom.

9. David Cohen Award

David Cohen Award Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
famous science awards

This award was established in the year 1993 and presented by John S Cohen Foundation along with Arts Council of England. This award is only conferred for English Literature. The first achiever of the David Cohen Award was V S Naipaul in the year 1993.

David Cohen Awards includes of various categories such as Best Novelist, Best Writer, Best Essayist, Best Poet, etc. It is a very famous awards to have bestowed in the field of literature and is conferred to Irish or British Citizens. It is a great achievement to have this award and is involves a great work in literature.

8. Pulitzer Award

Pulitzer-Award Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
best awards in the world, famous music awards

Pulitzer Awards was established in the year 1917 and presented by Columbia University. This award is presented on annual basis in United States for the accomplishments in Writing, Journalism, and Music. They are entitled after publisher ‘Joseph Pulitzer’ and administered at the Columbia University by Pulitzer Prize Board.

Pulitzer Award is given with a cash prize of $10,000 along with a Certificate. Also one in the public service who wins this awards also gets a Gold Medal. Some of the 21 categories among which the Pulitzer Award is bestowed are Breaking News Reporting, Public Services, Editorial Writing, Commentary, Beat Reporting, Investigate Reporting, International Reporting, Explanatory Reporting, Criticism, Feature Writing, etc.

7. Ashok Chakra Award

Ashok Chakra Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious In India List
famous indian awards

It is a peacetime military decoration which is awarded for the act of courageousness, valor, or self sacrifice. It is one of the highest peacetime award presented in India for the Soldiers, Army, Air Force, Territorial Army, the Navy, and many other Lawful Forces.

It is also eligible for the ones in nursing services in the Army Force, and also Police Forces along with Railway Protection Force, and Central Para-Military. This award is for conspicuous bravery and holds a great respect to the ones being awarded. It was established in the year 1952. In the year 2016 Hangpan Dada received this award and the first person to achieve it was NarbahadurThapa in 1952.

6. International PEN Awards

International PEN Awards Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
famous medical awards

International PEN Awards was established in the year 1921 in London, and presented by PEN International which is a Non Government Organization (NGO), that is bought together by a group of writers from all around the world. The word PEN, is P for Poets, E for Essayists, and N for Novelists, but its definition has now changed to any type of literature work.

This award holds the prestige of oldest International Organization of Literature of the World. PEN’s role basically is to encourage and inspire the enrichment of any Literature work all over the world. There are different types of awards presented by PEN International, some of them are PEN Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to write award, PEN Award for Poetry, PEN Lifetime Achievement Award, PEN Bellwether, and many more.

5. The Palme d’Or Award

The Palme d’Or Award Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
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The Palme d’Or Award was established in the year 1955 in order to honor movie directors. Many awards ceremonies are organized for movie celebrities, but not many for directors. So this is one very prestigious and honorable award for the directors of the movie.

Many notable movies have received this award such as the Apocalypse Now, Taxi Driver, The Pianist, Pulp Fiction, and many more. It is one of the biggest reward presented at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

4. Ramon Magsaysay Award

Ramon Magsaysay Award Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
most famous awards, world famous awards in science

Ramon Magsaysay Award was established in the year 1957, and is presented by Philippines in the honor of late President Ramon Magsaysay, who met with an air crash and died. He turned out to be a renowned figure of the world in 50 decades for the program of land reforms to disperse communist insurgency.

Ramon Magsaysay Award is presented on annual basis on the 31st of August which is the birth anniversary of Ramon Magsaysay as well. This award is bestowed for the exceptional contribution in Literature, Public Service, Creative Arts, Community Leadership, International Understanding, and Journalism. It is equal to Nobel Prize in the Asia. This award can also be conferred to the organizations as well, whether from Asia or from outside who have contributed their work for good cause and betterment of Asia.

3. Oscars ( Academy Awards )

Oscars 2017 Academy Awards 2018 Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World popular Prizes best Prestigious List
famous movie awards

Academy awards which is also well-known as Oscars was established in the year 1929, and presented by Academy of Motion Pictures along with Arts and Sciences. This is a big achievement for the film academy, as it holds a great honor in the cinema and everyone in it. The first receiver of this academy awards was Emil Jannings for the role of Best Actor. This award ceremony mostly takes place in United States. Check Top 10 Must Watch English Movies Of All Time.

This award is presented in 24 different types of categories and the most important ones are Best Animated Film, Best Original Score, Best Editing, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Lead Actress, Best Lead Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Language, Best Writing, Best Costume, Best Original Song, and many more. The trophy of this award is gold plated, which represents a knight attached on black foundation which is in metallic finish.

2. Kalinga Awards

Kalinga Awards Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 indian best Prestigious List
famous awards in india

Kalinga Award was established in the year 1952 by an initiative of the founder of Kalinga Foundation Trust BijuPatnaik, in Odisha. This award is presented by Government of India, UNESCO, for the propagation and popularization of Science. This award had begun by a donation to this trust by BijuPatnaik. Louis de Broglie from France, was the receiver of this award in the year 1952.

The receiver of this award is eligible when he has contributed towards the betterment and progress of life for common people in the field of Science and Technology. This awards also comes with a cash prize of about $20,000 plus Albert Einstein Silver Medal which for sure is a great achievement. UNESCO presents this award at World Science Day in the odd years and Government of India in the even years confers this award. Read Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World

1. Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize Top 10 Most Famous Awards In The World 2017 popular Prizes 2018 best Prestigious List
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Nobel Prize was established in the year 1901 and is named after Alfred Nobel, the scientist and Swedish Engineer, and by profession chemical engineer. This award is conferred by Sweden Academy, and Norwegian Nobel Committee, that is Sweden and Norway. Nobel Prize is a bigtime achievement, and the most honorable and prestigious award to be received in the field of Medicines, Peace, Science, and Economics. This is No. 1 in the top 10 most prestigious awards in the world.

The privileged ‘Nobel Foundation’ was an organization, that was used to administer the finances that are related to Nobel Prize based on the will of the scientist Alfred Nobel. This prize is hosted in Sweden and Norway combined with an award ceremony. Here Norway confers only awards related to Peace, whereas, Sweden presents many other categories of awards. This awards are presented on annual basis on the 10th of December for the excellence in the field of Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Medicine and Physiology, Economics, and Peace. The first person to receive this award was Wilhelm Rontgen in the field of Physics where he made the discovery of X-ray in the year 1901.


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