Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World | Highest Paid Successful Stars

Top 10 Highest Paid Richest Youtubers | Most Popular Youtubers 2016 | Top Youtubers Salary : Let us have a look at the below list of top 10 richest Youtubers in the World in 2016 and 2017. Everybody desires of going rags to riches in a short while and if you assume it could occur to anybody and particularly you, you could be excellent. YouTube is one such platform that could offer you a lifetime of your desires particularly when you may have the ability to create good content for masses to stop and take a look. These days, YouTube is not merely a video watching web site however a professional platform to generate good revenue and it has come a long way.

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From academic to music to video games, YouTube has every thing for everyone and that’s the reason it generates a tremendous four billion views in a day. People involved in creating the content material rakes cash at astounding rates. check below top 10 richest youtubers 2016.

The top 10 top paid YouTube earners in 2016 made a collective $70.5 million, with the highest earner raking in a cool 15 million dollars. Felix Kjellberg, Swedish gamer known to his followers as PewDiePie, took the NO. 1 position for the 2nd year in a row thanks partly to his almost 55 million subscribers. Becoming a member of him on the Forbes list are a prankster, LGBT youth activist, comedians and among others. Many on the list went to college and earned degrees in the likes of psychology or engineering, only to forego a standard job for a life behind the camera. Clearly, it is paid off. So, here is the list of top 10 most successful richest YouTubers in the world in 2016-2017.

Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World

10. Rhett and Link

Earned: $5 million Subscribers: 12,545,537

rhett and link store wives net worth Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
highest paid youtubers

Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln ‘Link’ Neal III are better often known as the comedic duo Rhett and Link. The co-hosts of Good Mythical Morning have been making people laugh together since they met in first grade at an elementary college in Buies Creek, North Carolina.

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McLaughlin, 39, and Link, 38, have built a fanbase of their wide-ranging channels that feature episodes like ‘blind taco taste test’ and ‘ridiculous leftover food hacks’. Additionally they do loads of challenges, like consuming a scorpion or the world’s hottest pepper.

Both men studied engineering at North Carolina State College, graduating and working in large corporations before finally deciding to pursue comedy full-time. they now both live in Los Angeles and run the production firm Mythical Entertainment.

9. Colleen Ballinger

Earned: $5.1 million Subscribers: 5,359,094

colleen ballinger age husband net worth Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
top 10 richest youtubers

Colleen Ballinger has made millions off her persona Miranda Sings, a tone-deaf singer who believes she is destined for fame. Miranda has taken 30-yr-old Ballinger far, with appearances on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

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Ballinger has since simply debuted a Netflix series, titled Haters Back Off, that is based mostly on Miranda’s backstory. The former Off-Broadway actress has also guest co-hosted The View and launched the bestseller book Self-Help.


8. German Garmendia

Earned: $5.4 million, Subscribers: 31,317,411

juegos de german garmendia edad wikipedia Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
top paid youtubers

Though he might only make the eighth spot on YouTube’s highest earners, Garmendia’s channel is essentially the most subscribed channel in the Spanish language. The comedian has more than 31 million followers subscribed to his channel, the place he additionally posts videos of his band Ancud.

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The Chilean native has additionally launched a book – titled #Chupaelperro – and stays so popular a change in his hair colour evokes numerous articles. He’s additionally the youngest YouTuber to make the list, making millions at the age of only 26.

7. Markiplier

Earned: $5.5 million, Subscribers: 17,523,276

markiplier game girlfriend twitter height x reader net worth Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
top 10 youtubers 2016

This 26-yr old recently celebrated thirteen million subscribers on his channel and achieved billions of total views on Lets Play Channel. Ge began making videos in 2012 and now he takes home $5.1 million with every day videos of playing games. He’s additionally involved in charity and distinguishes himself nicely together with his signature voice. He helps numerous charities like Animal Society and Bipolar Help Alliance. The second may be very close to him as took a hiatus from his show to mourn the suicide of his close friends.

6. Rosanna Pansino

Earned: $5.9 million, Subscribers: 8,398,450

rosanna pansino age challenges husband Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
richest youtubers 2016

Rosanna most subscribed youtuber on this planet, likes to bake and this love has helped her obtain notable fame and vital wage. Her channel features videos of her baking them-primarily based muffins, cupcakes and goodies. She has more than 8.1 million subscribers with a median view of seventy five million in a month. She additionally launched her personal cookbook named “Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for Geek in all of the US. She has additionally used had in branching into music with the first single “Perfect Together last year. Now you possibly can see the place does all the cash come from.

5. Tyler Oakley

Earned: $6 million Subscribers: 8,087,829

tyler oakley net worth quotes Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
most popular youtubers 2016

Oakley’s videos range from guessing superstar abs with Tom Daley, attempting unusual toys with Kellie Pickler, to interviewing Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.The 27-yr-old, who uploaded his first video in 2007 as a freshman at Michigan State College, additionally makes use of his platform to be a outstanding advocate for LGBT youth.

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Oakley has raised more than 1,000,000 dollars for The Trevor Project and often posts about issues affecting the LGBT group. He has been included in OUT Magazine’s Power 50 and The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Digital Stars.

The humorist most recently launched his first book of essays, Binge, which turned a bestseller Binge. Oakley did a live show tour in 2014, doing skits in his pajamas, and he completed third in the most recent season of The Amazing Race.


Earned: $7 million, Subscribers: 22,474,510

smosh games anthony Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
top youtubers salary

Smosh is an funniest youtuber, American comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew. The channel began in 2003 when Padilla started flashing animated video and later he was joined by Ian Hecox. This twosome has come actually long way three million subscribers in 2011 to 22 million subscribers in 2016. The rakes in mullahs with their comedy, gaming channels and real life films and albums.

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3. Lilly Singh (Super Woman)

Earned: $11 million, Subscribers: 10,296,350

lilly singh net worth age Super woman Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
richest youtubers

One of the energetic 27-yr-old Indo-Canadian is without doubt one of the funniest and favourite Youtuber. Her pleasure and power are infectious and it’s unimaginable not to laugh while watching her humorous videos. She began creating videos to fight her depressive mood however ironically, it turned out to be the best stress buster. She has over 11 million subscribers and her insightful and humorous movies have almost raked over a billion views. She maker millions not only by the storytelling movies on YouTube but additionally as a rapper and motivational speaker. Lily is a really grounded person and recently accomplished her tour of total 25 cities.

2. RomanAtwood

Earned: $8 million, Subscribers: 11,989,408

roman atwood vlogs game net worth house wife Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
top youtubers

Roman Atwood has over 11 million subscribers and he’s very well-known for making videos exhibiting sadistic pranks on himself. previously, he used to work at his family’s rope factory however the curiosity in creating videos was there since college. His public hidden camera prank videos have made many people shocked and surprise however people love to see them.

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1. PewDiePie

Earned: $15 million, Subscribers: 54,450,080

pewdiepie net worth tuber simulator legend of the brofist game Top 10 Richest Youtubers in The World Highest Paid Successful Stars
richest youtubers

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, with an internet alias PewDiePie, is a well-known Swedish internet comedian and video manufacturing host, well-known for his comedy and blogs. He began his channel in the yr 2010 and began funding his videos by working in hot dog stand when his dad and mom refused to help him after the college.

He is the first person to ever cross 10 billion YouTube views, with totals now nearing 20 billion, and was named certainly one of Time Magazine’s most influential people this year. However Felix has come a long way from simply letting his followers – dubbed the ‘Bro Army’ – watch him play and comment on video games. This year the gamer launched This Book Loves You, which made the New York Times bestseller list, and a sock line. With 54 million subscribers and more than 20 billion views, web series “Scare PewDiePie” and the personal app he’s among the highest paid Youtubers.

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